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Best Hair Loss Treatments

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Best Hair Loss Treatments

Everyone wants to find the best hair loss treatment, of course. We’ve spent countless hours researching supplement, therapies, and topical treatments for treating thinning and balding hair.

How Hair Loss Treatments Work

Hair loss treatments can work in a variety of different ways. Some are topical, where you apply some kind of gel or soap to your scalp for a period of time, which promotes hair growth in a number of different ways. Some block DHT, others act as antifungals, some are prescription and some are available over-the-counter.

Where To Go For Hair Loss Treatment

Understanding which is the best hair loss clinic for you will obviously depend on where you’re located. Some of the best are located in large cities, and many people will be familiar with the the Hair Club, which sells both surgical and non-surgical options. Hair transplants, called hair plugs, have come a long way. They don’t look like the odd dots on a scalp anymore and can be a good option for some people - but they’re quite expensive, and most people simply can’t afford the $15K-plus to begin the process.

H2 What Hair Loss Treatment Really Works?

Hair transplants “work.” They’re expensive, and they can be painful. For most people, they’re not a good hair loss option. What is a good hair loss solution? Some prescription-grade products work quite well at restoring hair growth, and they’re much less expensive than surgeries. Finasteride, for instance, works well - the problem is the side effects. Finasteride can cause impotence and hurt sexual performance in men, lowering their libido. And it can have terrible side effects in women, especially those who are pregnant.

Finasteride is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. This is an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Although most people don’t know about the latter, it’s the real cause of hair loss, directly impacting hair follicles. By reducing the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, less testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone, and less dihydrotestosterone can affect hair follicles.

Some product impact DHT directly, instead, which results in fewer deleterious side effects. These DHT blockers work well when used topically.

What is Laser Hair Loss Treatment?

Some people have tried laser helmets, which have come down in price over the last decade as lasers have become less expensive to manufacture. Laser helmets, at their most basic, help the scalp exfoliate and eliminate dead skin/cells to promote hair growth. They’re still not cheap, and they much be worn numerous times per week for 10-30 minutes at a time.

Our customers time and time again have said that Shapiro MD is one the best hair loss treatments on the market. For most of them, it’s because this hair loss shampoo is just so simple. It’s DHT blocking capabilities make it a superior, effective hair loss treatment.

Our customers time and time again have said that Shapiro MD has the best hair loss treatment on the market. For most of them, it’s because this hair loss shampoo is just so simple and such an effective hair loss treatment.

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We treat hundreds of patients every day at our Palm Beach dermatology practice, so we know firsthand how important it is for men and women to maintain their hair at every stage of life. Hair loss is a frustrating and difficult thing for a lot of people, even us, and this is why we invested so many years of our lives into developing the Shapiro MD product line.

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Take control of your hair and trust in Dr. Shapiro and his team to naturally achieve thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

Our products are protected by 2 United States patents. We are the only company in the world that manufactures a shampoo and conditioner with all 3 of our powerful and natural ingredients. And, the nutrient rich base that everyone loves is also proprietary, and is why most people that uses our products love the way their hair starts to feel.